50th Birthday Party celebration

On Friday I played for about 50 guests in a Birthday party celebration at the Exmouth Arms in Cheltenham. A lovely pub with a very nice private room, Caroline, my client and friend, wanted some dancing so I played the best of my upbeat repertoire, both in English and Spanish. Before and after my performance I played a bit of music through my ipod, to get the party going.

People is surprised when they see me performing that just me and my guitar can make a whole room dance. I always try to read the people, how is the mood and what do they want. I make them sing, I make them clap, and according to Caroline several people said to her that it was the best show they have ever seen. Well, maybe that’s a bit too much, but you can see the testimonial yourself in this video.

Anyway, it was a lovely event, when the audience is in the right mood is actually not difficult to make them dance.

“I have been to many private events, but this is the only one where literally EVERYBODY was on the dance floor!” Paul Lewis

“Javier you have absolutely rocked the party” Caroline Stowe

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