Why Live Music is so important in a Wedding

One of the reasons I really love Britain is because of their fantastic musical culture. If I compare it to my country, Spain, we are in the Middle ages. After 8 years in the UK and so many parties and wedding gigs, I can see a huge difference in the way weddings are celebrated in Spain, and in the UK. It’s true that Spain has amazing gastronomy and weather, but the UK has equally fantastic caterers, locations and specially, a huge entertainment offer!

Many couples say to me that the live music (when I play with my band, or on my own) is often the most memorable part of a wedding, for them and the guests. Let’s be honest, many people don’t enjoy going to weddings. It can suppose long hours with people they don’t know, celebrating something they may feel alienated with. Of course the most important thing is that the couple enjoy the day, after all is the most important day of their lives. But dozens of other people, family and friends, and often people you haven’t seen for ages will be there.

So putting nice live music in it, during the ceremony, the reception, or/and the dancing, will make a huge difference. Everyone connects more easily with each other when there is live music. Seems like everyone takes part more intensely, because music has this power, no matter what languages or backgrounds meet in a wedding.

I hope you agree with me!

Alexander House Hotel, Los Amigos duo


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